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Frequent Questions

What type of service do you provide?
InstantIP allows you to lease portions of our global network of virtual servers. Our unique technology can assist you in cloning your existing servers on to our network and scaling your servers from there.
What platforms do you support?
While most InstantIP employ some flavor of Linux (e.g., CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntoo, etc.), InstantIP does not explicitly restrict which operating system can be used.
How does InstantIP prevent outages from happening?
Most applications are hosted on a single web server, which means that the server can go down if anything happens to that web server (e.g., hardware failure, network congestion, software viruses, etc.). While the main application server is online, InstantIP automatically copies your website into different servers around the globe. Whenever your main server goes offline, InstantIP directs traffic to your backup server.
What if InstantIP's backup copy goes down too?
Good question! InstantIP maintains 3 or more backup copies of your servers hosted on our network of servers around the globe. If any one of those backup copies goes down, InstantIP automatically creates another copy at some other server in the network. This level of redundancy enables InstantIP to fully guarantee that your website will never experience an outage more than 5 minutes long after joining the grid.
How much does this cost?
InstantIP's basic virtual server service starts at $10.00 dollars per month. It include access to the InstantIP Control panel, unlimited bandwidth, and near-limitless configurability.
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