Your cloud, in an instant.

Our Network

The InstantIP Network extends to over 20 geographically diverse locations, strategically placed around the world. Overall network availability: 100.000% since inception.

Our Technology

InstantIP's technology fully automates network routing and rebalacing-- making staying online easy, affordable, and hands-free for our customers.

Our Guarantee

InstantIP guarantees that our customers will never be unsatisfied, or they will be fully reimbursed in accordance with our terms.

Virtual Servers

Run your network on our virtual micro-servers! Here's how InstantIP's virtual micro-server service works:
1 Sign up and allocate your virtual micro-servers.
Select servers to be allocated in at any available location.
2 Clone your existing servers on to our virtual micro-servers.
Deploy servers with blank images or via cloning.
3 Dynamically scale up or scale down as you like.
Change data centers, remove servers, copy backups, etc.
Each virtual micro-server features:
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • 100Mbps Bandwidth Port (shared)
  • 4 GB Virtual Memory (shared)
  • 1 GB Virtual Disk
  • Independent + configurable

Questions? Please browse our FAQ or contact us. Otherwise, you can get started below.
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