Your cloud, in an instant.
Our mission is to build a more reliable Internet, one website at a time.
A Backup of Every Website on the Internet
While the Internet as a whole is a highly robust network of interconnected computers, most individual websites are surprisingly insecure. Sooner or later, nearly every website goes offline for one of many reasons, including connectivity failure, data center outages, server crashes, and software bugs-- not to mention deliberate attacks by spammers, botnets, or viruses. At InstantIP, we understand the pain of losing website data for the businesses and individuals who own them. That's why we set out to preemptively backup every website on the Internet: so the next time your website gets taken down, there's no need to panic: we have you covered.

The Grid For Every Website Owner
The majority of websites on the Internet are still hosted on a single server-- which means that when your web server goes down, so does your website. While big companies employ expensive solutions to replicate and secure their websites, how about small businesses and individuals who don't have the time, money, or expertise? It doesn't matter whether you're a large company, a family-owned business, or an individual blogger-- website downtime still hurts. InstantIP makes joining the "grid" so affordable and easy that anyone can do it: just give us a call, we'll walk you through it in minutes, and your website may never go down again.